29 junho 2011

Campanha Johnson County Library para atrair leitores








Four literary themed trucks are part of a new ad campaign for the Johnson County Library. Officials hope the trucks will spark interest and bring even more readers to their doors.

“Barkley Advertising Agency, a locally based business, offered its service — valued at $33,000 — free of charge. Company vice-president Tom Demetriou offered the pro bono work because he wanted to remind people of the sanctuary found at libraries, where the community is intrinsically bound by stories.” 
that’s MY Snotty, uppity, middle of nowhere , Johnson county!! wooop woop! (no seriously, I love this, and I’m better than you bc I’m from Johnson County..also if you don’t live in KS, you don’t get this stereotype and probably don’t care)

I love it too!  YAY for people doing awesome things for their libraries!
A biblioteca pública de Johnson, no Kansas, criou os 4 caminhões acima
Eles circulam pela região intrigando os moradores e incentivando o hábito da leitura.

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